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About Us - Pure Therapeutic Oils, LLC

At Pure Therapeutic Oils it is our goal to provide true therapeutic quality essential oil, essentail oil synergy blends, and aromatherapy products that are of the highest quality while striving to maintain affordable pricing. Our main concern when selecting essential oils from around the world is quality, from when and how the source plants are harvested and handled prior to distillation or extraction, to how the final oils are stored, shipped and maintained until they reach our customers. All our oils are quickly placed in dark glass bottles once ariving from the distillary, and our blends are treated the same way, mixing them quickly and getting them into dark and airtight glass containers, then stored in a cool and dark temperature controlled environment.

Our pure essential oils are never diluted or adulterated in any way. Similarly, our pure essential oil synergy blends are only the essential oils listed, with no carrier or other ingredients ever unless clearly listed in both the product description and product label. Items such as ready to use roll-on synergy blends will be pre-diluted with a carrier oil to a percentage that is clearly listed on the produt label. Ready to use essential oil products are diluted with a carrier oil to protect skin, pure essential oils can cause serious irritation if not diluted first. Please read our section on essential oil safety if you are unfamiliar with our oils.