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How to Fill and use an Aromatherapy Personal Inhaler

Personal Aromatherapy Inhaler Parts

Here's a quick guide on putting the essential oils on your inhaler wick and closing the inhaler body, as well as how to use the personal inhaler properly.

The first step is to get everything you will need together. The inhaler itself will come in 4 parts, the inhaler tube, the cap, the wick, and the inhaler cover as shown here.

Other helpful items to have on hand are a small glass or ceramic bowl to put the wick in while applying the essential oil, your oil or blend, a pair of tweezers if you don't want to touch the wick once the oil is applied, and a paper towel just in case.

Putting Essential Oils on an Inhaler Wick Next, you'll want to place the wick in the bowl, and then carefully put 10-15 drops of your desired essential oil or synergy blend on the wick.
Personal Inhaler Wick Soaked with Essential Oil If the oil does not go directly on to the wick use your tweezers to move the wick over the oil in the bowl and allow the wick to absorb all of the oils.
Placing the aroma wick in the inhaler tube Next you want to use the tweezers to pick up the wick from inside the bowl and place the wick inside of the Inhaler Tube. Don't squeeze the wick too hard with the tweezers, otherwise you may squeeze some of the essential oils out of the wick while picking it up.
Installing the Personal Inhaler cap into the tube Secure the wick inside the inhaler tube by pressing the cap into the base of the tube. It will be a tight fit, but that's what you want so the oils won't evaporate quickly. A properly put together good quality inhaler should last up to a month long depending on the oils or blends used. You can now use your personal aromatherapy inhaler, and take it with you wherever you go. Be sure to screw the cover securely on the tube to keep your oil fresh.

It is a good idea to label your inhalers, especially if you have more than one. You can just use a sharpie and write on the inhaler cover, or print your own labels with your oil type or blend name, get creative.

To use the personal inhaler place the inhaler tube just below your nose and inhale the vapors. You do not need to place the inhaler into the nostril, I have seen people do that but it's not necessary or even recommended, especially with hot or strong aroma oils, they could actually burn or irritate your nose.

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