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White Personal Inhaler 4 Pack for Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Personal Nasal Inhalers - Single Color Sets


Our Aromatherapy personal inhalers come in a variety of colors and package sizes, perfect for using your essential oils on the go. Here are just a few great reasons to carry essential oil inhalers:

Portable – Just place an inhaler in your pocket or purse and your good to go. Aroma-sticks are lightweight and small (about the size of a lipstick). And, unlike roller bottles, you don’t need to worry about inhalers spilling in your bag.
Effective – Inhalation is one of the most effective therapeutic ways to get all the great benefits of your essential oils.
Economical – Inhalers generally cost less than a dollar a piece, only take 10-15 drops of essential oils, can last a month or longer, and provide aromatherapy anywhere you go. That is a great combination of value and usability.
Personal – Diffusers are great at home or in the car, but in public places or at the office not everyone will agree with the scent or oils you are diffusing. A personal inhaler is a great alternative that keeps your oils to yourself, yet still provide the comfort, energy or emotional boost you crave throughout the day.

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